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Hey Parents!

Thanks for stopping by our page to see what's going on in the life of our wider community of youth. We really value your time as parents and caregivers of our wonderful young people and are excited about investing in their spiritual growth and facilitating fellowship.

What is a Youth Camp?

As Regional Youth Committees we organise and run youth camps each summer, rotating between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. In Auckland, we also organise the annual Easter camp. As a committee, our main goal is to promote Christian fellowship for youth by providing opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship in a Christian atmosphere.


What's involved?

Youth camps are around 5-7 days long with typically around 100 to 150 youth from around the country. Time is spent in Bible studies led by a Pastor of one of our reformed churches as well as sports, team challenges, good food and free time. 


Why are Youth Camps important? 

Youth camps provide an opportunity for youth to grow relationships with their Christian peers around the country. It is really important for us all have good Christian friends; youth camps being a much wider circle than just our local church. Camp studies are a great environment for youth to be challenged and built up in their own faith. Surrounded by their peers who face similar challenges, this is a great opportunity for youth to learn and grow.


We ask and thank you for praying for us as we continue to create an environment where this generation of young people can encounter Christ, find a place to belong and step into their God-given purpose, whatever that may be.

Auckland Reformed Youth Committee

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