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Hey Parents!

Thanks for stopping by our page to see what's going on in the life of our wider community of youth. We really value your time as parents and caregivers of our wonderful young people and are excited about investing in their spiritual growth and facilitating fellowship.

2019 has had a wonderful start with the busy planning and execution of Easter Camp 2019 with studies led by Pastor Graham Zuidema. We delved deep into the mysteries of God's wonderful Grace and how He is and forever will be our Port in the Storm. This just so happens to tie in very well with the theme for camp: Pirates and the Sea!

The Annual Pukekohe Soccer Tournament is coming up again soon which we'd encourage you all to send your kids along to and we are sure there will be plenty of other exciting events happening in our other churches around NZ.


We ask and thank you for praying for us as we continue to create an environment where this generation of young people can encounter Christ, find a place to belong and step into their God given purpose, whatever that may be.

Auckland Reformed Youth Committee