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  • No girls in guys tent/cabin or loitering around.

  • No guys in girls tent/cabin or loitering around.

  • No alcohol, non-prescription drugs, explosives, firearms or other weapons.

  • Take care with stuff that belongs to the campsite or other campers. If anything gets broken please tell a committee member immediately. We will not require you to pay if it was a genuine accident.

  • Be nice to the cooks, and please thank them once in a while.

  • Make an effort to know the camp minister and camp parents.

  • Be respectful to the campsite staff as well as other campers using the site.

  • Get some solid sleep, particularly on the last night if you are driving home.

  • Respect any additional rules the committee or camp staff make while on camp.

  • Try your best to demonstrate a Christ-like attitude in everything.

  • Be open to helping serve the committee and your fellow campers while at camp.



The ARYC strongly discourages smoking (including vaping). If you are a smoker you must inform the committee prior to you arrival at camp.

You will be expected to adhere to the rules set in place by the ARYC, including when and where you will be permitted to smoke.
Non smokers are not permitted to accompany smokers to the designated smoking area.

If you would like to quit, please consider using camp as an opportunity to do so. The ARYC are happy to assist as much as possible in this endeavour.

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